Alex Karimi has been addressing audiences for over 25 years. He started by giving short talks directed to religious groups in England. 

Today, Alex holds speaking engagements to help businesses, groups, and students in setting goals and achieving them by following certain guidelines. 

Alex plans and designs each talk to the needs of the client. The talks are usually 30 - 60 minutes long. Please refer to our pricing page for fees. 

Dr. George Bridges, MA, PhD

LMFT, Counselor, Author

Dr. Bridges, better known as Dr. B founded Psyco-Hypno Therapy Center in Downey, CA, almost 30 years ago. As the clinic grew and more Associate counselors were employed, Zand Institute of Psychology was born.

Dr. Bridges is currently the head counselor and supervisor to all the Associates and trainees.  

Dr. B is currently working on his next book in collaboration with Alex Karimi, PhDc.

Speaking Engagements

Zand Institute of Psychology  (ZIP), has its roots in Counseling Psychology. Our staff of counselors see to the needs of a variety of clients and patients. 

Concentrating on Relationships, our team of counselors and help couples and families with their relationship problems and difficulties.