Covering Santa Clarita and Downey

At our offices with our therapists, you'll not only get guidance and counseling to improve or fix a broken relationship, but we actually give you instructions, homework, and exercises. These assignments are there to get you into new behaviors, new techniques in communications and a total or partial change of habits.

We're Solution Focused. The old therapy systems, Psychodynamic or Psychoanalysis, like what you see in movies are out. We don't do long-term therapy for couples. We're interested in quick resolutions. Fix the problem, make new plans, and live a much happier life together. 

My session with Alex Karimi was a "Wonderful experience, so very helpful even in the first session." Jolen E.

An arguing couple cannot wait for a therapist to figure out what happened when the client was 8 years old. Healing old wounds is not, and should not be, a part of couple's therapy. A fighting couple doesn't have 6 months to wait to fix the past.

Here at Zand Institute, we're all about the future. You'll start working on your problems from day one! in your very first session, you will be given instructions to make some quick fixes so you can begin working together at home.