How do they do it?

Coaching Team

My guess is most of us want to be able to make money as we play. We want to be able to have fun with family, hobbies and more. The problem is "Wanting" alone does not get us anywhere. But hold on, we're prepared to Play Hard, even Work Hard, but how do we do it? 

We all went through the same "Becoming an RE Agent" school. We studied the same material. We all passed the same "difficult" board exam. So what now. 

The problem is that at the Becoming an RE Agent school they teach you a lot of things that you perhaps never need to know, and things you need to know, like marketing, are not included n the courses. 

Here we are hanging a license at a broker's house and waiting for that call. A call from anyone who wants to sell or buy a house. SO we get a few hints from the office as to what to do to get business;

  • Knock on Doors
  • Make Calls
  • Cold Calls
  • Hot Calls
  • The Circle of Influence (whatever that is)
  • Print Door Hangers
  • Blah Blah Blah...

and all this great advice from people who are sitting at the office twiddling their thumbs!!!

Coaching Team, Curtsy of

Realtor Coaching

For California Realtors 

Real Estate is big business in California. With average pricing increasing almost every month. According to First Tuesday Journal report in 2017, there are over 200,000 sales agents and around 100,000 Real Estate Brokers. That's about 300,000 people involved in purchasing and selling homes in California. 

This just shows how lucrative the RE business is. It also shows the competition is tough. According to Craig Proctor, the average RE agent is involved in less than 4 transactions per year. That figure actually represents about 85% of all realtors. Only a small number of Realtors make a large number of transactions every year and keep their business growing. 

That's the Six-Million dollar question (or the $65,000 question for the older generations). When we talk to successful realtors, they each have their own system of attracting clients. Some are similar systems and some very different from each other. However, there are a few key steps that they all share. They all agree you need to;

  • Be Dedicated
  • Work at it
  • Be Consistent
  • Provide Great Service
  • Be Healthy

and many more. Some say Hard Work, and some say Play Hard. That's a difference in attitude. I rather Play Hard and make money. I'm not one to Work Hard. I like to spend time with my family. I like to spend time on my hobbies. I like to travel... you get the picture. But all that requires MONEY. How do we Play Hard, Make Money, and have plenty of time for all those fun things we want to do?

Playing Hard & Making Money

Next, your broker advises you to attend a seminar. There are so-called "Coaches" and "Planners" and "Father & Son" teams and more. YOU pay a few hundred dollars and attend a day seminar, where you are sold a bigger plan to attend more seminars, where you are sold a One Year Plan and they will teach you in that year how to "Copy n Paste" their proven sale techniques. So you go to work to pay for that expensive 12-month long coaching program by someone who has never in his life "knocked on a door" or someone who sold homes 40 years ago and still believes in little advertisements in local newspapers! and you ask yourself "what is a local newspaper?"

The Final Chapter

Whether you've been an agent for years, or just passed the board exam yesterday, I can tell you now that a coach teaching a weekend in front of 3000 people with great music, is not teaching you anything. All you get for your $1000-$3000 is a good feeling that will last a few days until the reality kicks in. 

And here comes the offer,

A compact 6-week program that will make changes in you right away. Or try my more comprehensive 12-week plan. By the end of the 12 weeks, the program will have already paid for itself through new transactions that you will have. 

In both programs, I personally spend an hour a week with you, train you, give you homework, guidance, and exercises to grow your business. It's like going to college. Go here for more info...

OK I Get It, What's Next