* Pricing based on a 3-month package as detailed below.

Multiple Packages available;

Package 1: only $15K for 3 months, small business with less than 5 employees,

Package 2:  $25K for a medium size companies with less than 15 employees,

Package 3: Companies with 15-49 employees get premiere attention at the nominal fee of $40K for 3 months. 

Business Consulting

​$15K - $40K*

"A business has to continue growing in order to survive. The best of businesses, the most successful businesses need to keep growing. No growth equals to LOSS. To ensure growth, a business has to remain relevant, competitive, knowledgeable and move with the times and technology."

Alex Karimi, the Los Angeles Mastermind meeting of 2017.

With over 30 years of experience in managing businesses, Alex Karimi is the perfect candidate to help your business. He will point you in the right direction. Tell you where you need to make changes, and how to make the best marketing strategies. 

All of our consultants are trained by Alex Karimi who will always be reviewing their work with you. 

We guarantee at least a 25% growth within a year or all your money back. Here's how it's done;

One of our consultants will interview you and your managers, visit and inspect your facility. He'll spend as much as one whole week just getting to know your business. 

By the end of the 2nd week, you will be presented with a business success plan. The plan will have detailed steps and job functions for each individual in the management.

The consultant will then address your employees in a 90-minute motivational meeting to ignite them and get them excited about what's going to happen to your company.

During the following weeks, he will visit your company once a week, track each individual's progress during the week via email and live chat. He will reassign and retarget some of the goals. He will demand progress from each individual with an assignment. Once the assignments are complete, new ones are generated to keep the company moving forward. 

Only a limited number of clients will be accepted into this program.