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Depression, Anxiety, BiPolar, PTSD

By Alex Karimi

In today's world where the cure for every problem seems to lie in a pill, the Psychiatrists tend to fix problems with medication. I totally agree with taking medication to stabilize a patient in a serious situation, however, I believe getting to the roots of the problem can have a much longer lasting effect than fixing the chemicals in our bodies.

I like to work in collaboration with your Psychiatrist and help you gain a permanent solution to your problems. Rather than becoming dependant on medications, I like to see my clients take control of their lives and live a happy and stable life.

I have experience working with clients suffering from PTSD, and I don't mean PTSD as a result of serving in Iraq (though I've done that too). Despite general belief, PTSD is not just for the returning soldiers. It can affect anyone who has been in a serious life-threatening situation. They can be victims of a violent crime, car accidents, or even witnessing or knowing a victim can cause PTSD. This is a condition that needs careful attentive care and attention.