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See Frequency, a talk designed for high school students. 

Motivation for Students

Motivation, Career, Business, Public Speaking

Personal Coaching

Motivational Speaker 

Business Coaching  This is an area where I can play multiple roles. As an advisor to the CEO, Operations and efficiency, Marketing, Business Development, Communications with Clients, Communications with Staff and Workforce, Leadership Skills, Motivation, Confidence Building and more.

Ask us about our Business Coaching packages. Start with a single introductory session at only $150 where you discuss your needs and get a taste of what can be your aid to help you achieve your goals. If you believe you have found a good match, then you can plan on purchasing one of the three packages. 

Personal Coaching is for those who need to take care of themselves but are not sure how to do this. It can be an appearance issue, or communications problems. Some need to know how to attract a partner. My Personal  Coaching can be an invaluable service. After an initial interview, I make a plan specific to your needs and goals. 

Life Coaching is usually about a career, education, or relationship. Our suggestion is for you to book a 90-minute single session where much of your needs and thoughts can be discussed.  AT the end of the session you will be offered options and you can then make a decision. 

Coaching is an area where Alex Karimi uses his decades of experience as well as his academic learnings to help guide you to make the best choices. Every person makes their own choices. What we do is help you see all the options and the path to achieve your goals. A coach will provide you with a safe non-judgemental environment where you can express all your thoughts. He then maps those thoughts for you, so you can see your needs clearly. Once you know where you want to go, he will hold your hand every step of the way until you succeed.

Coaching is an ongoing process and usually takes the form of multiple sessions. We have packages from 3 to 12 months long.  

A major part of counseling psychology is motivation. Motivating clients is what our counselors do every day in their offices.  They are also avid speakers, giving talks from 15 minutes to holding multi-day seminars.  

These talks are designed specifically to the client's needs and requirements. By answering a questionnaire and a short phone interview, the client makes it clear in what areas they need their staff or guests to be directed in. 

Humor is a major part of any talk in order to keep the audience interested. Our speakers not only use humor, but real life stories which keep everyone in the room focused on what is being taught. 

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