Speaker Alex Karimi is currently on a tour of East and West Europe providing the same great advice to our European friends. He will be available for speaking engagements at the beginning of May 2019..

A very special talk on the Law of Attraction. What it is, how to use it, how to set goals and use the law of attraction to achieve the goals. The talk is 90 minutes long. 

A new talk designed specifically for Highschool Students

60 Minute talk,                                                 $1000

120 Minute talk,                                               $2,500

180-minute talk,                                              $5,000

1 Day seminar, 3 speakers                            $12,000

Weekend seminar 2.5 days                           $28,000

Ask about special pricing for schools and colleges.

Guarantees and Satisfaction

Public/Motivational Speaking

The 2.5 days weekend seminar begins Friday evening and ends at 6PM on Sunday. 

Topics are selected by the client and material prepared by the vendor based on the client needs. 

The public and motivational speaking pricing are very much based on the number of audiences,  topics and the length of the talk.  A shorter talk does not necessarily translate into a lower cost. Many factors have to be taken into account.  As a general rule and guideline, the following pricing  criteria is used:

The talks are guaranteed to satisfy our client's needs. If a client is not 100% satisfied with the talks, their money will be refunded, no questions asked. The seminars are exempt. 

Law of Attraction