Counseling sessions for Relationships, Marriage Counseling, and Mental Health needs are charged at $175 (individual) and $199 (conjoint), per 75-minute session. There are packages available where you can purchase multiple sessions and save.

$6500, a saving of $500


Package 3: 12 months, 60 sessions plus email/text support. Ideal for medium size business owners/managers. This package sets much bigger goals, finds the ways to achieve them, financial, banking, sales and marketing are all discussed at length and in detail.  

Package 2:  6 months, 28 sessions plus email/text support. Perfect for the expanding business. This is when the business manager will benefit from our coaches over 80 years combined experience in running businesses, staying motivated, following and staying the course to achieve the goals. 

Package 1; 3 months, 13 sessions (75-minutes), continuous email/text support.  Ideal for individuals in need of career advice, change of careers, and small business owners.

Counseling Sessions

Ask about special pricing for schools and colleges.

$14000, A saving of $1000

A new talk designed specifically for Highschool Students

$3000, a saving of $250

Our coaching clients get the first session, at an introductory fee of $150 for a 60-minute session. If they desire to continue working with our coaches, they would select one of the three packages:

Speaker Alex Karimi is currently on a tour of East and West Europe providing the same great advice to our European friends. He will be available for speaking engagements at the beginning of May 2019..